Charity to Benefit Meeting Street Acadamy.


The arts are enriched with the stuff kids need to succeed. Just like kids need to have good nutrition on a daily basis, kids need to have their daily serving of the arts. Studies have shown that involvement in the arts helps kids increase test scores and promotes academic achievement.

This is why, our personal love of art aside, Fast and French has made a point of supporting arts education. Beginning as early as possible arts are essential for a well rounded education. We’re so impressed with the program at the Meeting Street Academy that we have decided to donate to their art department, helping students demonstrate their creativity. As advocates for the arts we all should do a part in helping to fund the art in schools programs.

This is a clear message for action and all we ask is that you donate to the cause by purchasing a cardinal you see above. For a mere $5.00 you can support your local arts education to give children a chance to excel.